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Meet Roman:

His passion for travel is the same as it is for weddings. Roman's photography journey started in the early 2000s as a second shooter at weddings. From then until now, he has spent many hours behind the camera in nature and at weddings. Capturing candid moments, telling a story, and seeing the world from a new perspective, is what drives Roman to want to tell your story.

​He was always amazed by Okanagan scenery so he decided to move to Kelowna from Vancouver in 2021. Roman loves to capture charming weddings at wineries, golf clubs and other astonishing places.


He loves to travel! The excitement Roman finds when learning new cultures and exploring the outskirts of cities is where he finds his creativity. He spends all his spare moments, when he is not shooting weddings, or renovating his new home in Kelowna - escaping to the mountains. He throws on his hiking boots and off he goes, finding the most amazing animals and scenery along the way.

His favorite places he ever travelled to were Hawaii and New Zealand.
His dream is to go to Iceland and capture the No
rthern Lights - it will be the most amazing experience, but for now, He is really looking forward to my next trip to Costa Rica where he will enjoy the tropical weather and escape the Canadian snow.

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